Insecurity Trumps Achievement

I was reading a New York Times Magazine this past weekend and I came across this letter:

Published: November 28, 2004, Sunday

Your questions for Richard Branson failed to mention any of his numerous failures, including cola, cellphones and soon, I predict, his excursion into the world of railroads (Deborah Solomon, Nov. 7). After years of trying, he couldn’t even circle the globe in his wonderful balloon. Also, I find it hard to believe that anybody in the airline business is, in fact, a billionaire.

Since your feature appeared, Richard Branson’s reality show, ”Rebel Billionaire,” has opened to minuscule ratings, even lower than Mark Cuban’s failed attempt at knocking off me and my show. In the meantime, ”The Apprentice” continues to bring in top ratings, and I am having fun on all fronts, especially beating my copycat rivals.

Donald J. Trump
New York

You would think that an emininently successful businessman would have little time or need to retort a few minor digs from a competitor.  Or perhaps his success is a glorious facade and he must shield his fragile ego at every turn.  You be the judge.


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