The Magic’s in the Music and the Music’s in Me

Way back in February I wrote about ripping my entire CD collection to my hard disk, part of my joining the 21st century.*

The primary motivation was being able to access my music collection via a digital jukebox:  Easy all-disk access, queueing up tracks from multiple albums, creating playlists, etc.  To this end I purchased a SoundBlaster Wireless Music device.  I still owe a review of device, but the summary is that I would not  recommend it.  The concept is great, specifically, being able to control your digital jukebox from an RF remote with an LCD display, so you neither need to be physically close enough to the base unit to read a tiny display nor need to use a TV set to control the music.  However the implementation is neither reliable nor easy to use.  If anyone knows of better products that provide this functionality, let me know.

Now that I’ve made the transition, I’ve dipped my toe in the water of acquiring music online.**  [Entering Obvious World]  I’m still more comfortable buying CDs; they’re a better value once you pass a certain number of songs, I can play them in all of my cars without burning my own disk, and I often like the packaging, esp. for high-quality reissues.  But I’m buying tracks online when I only want one or two songs from a single artist because there’s no album that is compelling to me. [Leaving Obvious World]  In my head I still think of these tracks as "45’s".

To date I’ve shared two music lists in this space, one of tracks I’ve purchased online (or downloaded for free when they’ve been made available that way on an artist’s official web site) and the other of tracks I’d like to purchase.  I’ve created these lists primarily for my own convenience, but it does provide insight into my tastes.  In most cases there are only one or two songs by an artist that I have any interest in; how many great Right Said Fred songs do you know?  In a few cases I have other albums by an artist but am missing a particular track (Empty Garden).

Viewers of the lists will undoubtedly conclude, correctly, that my musical tastes congealed somewhere around 1985.  Any other conclusions they reach are likely to be similarly unflattering.


* – No artists or record companies were defrauded by this activity.
** – Ditto.


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