Boat of Car

Rick is peeved about compact cars filling all of the larger parking spaces.  My understanding is that the purpose of compact parking spaces is not to segregate small and large cars (though in today’s political climate, I could see the advantages) but to encourage people to choose smaller cars by providing them a greater number of available spaces.  Presumably this is done to motivate people to choose cars that are more fuel efficient and less polluting.

On the surface this seems to have proven to be a spectacularly ineffective incentive.  But it has the advantage of being more politically palatable than more effective solutions, like increased gas taxes or eliminating the loopholes that let automakers sell light trucks to consumers without treating them like passenger vehicles for regulatory purposes.  (For more on this last point, see High and Mighty.)

On a related note, I’m always amused when people who have intense fitness regimens feel the need to go out of their way to avoid walking a little further from a parking lot to a building.  I’m not saying that Rick is one of these people, but he and I both know others who are.


One response to “Boat of Car

  1. So true — I park up top outside of B most of the time. Of course, that sucks in the rain, but I waste less time trying to find a spot. I have never understood folks who drive around and around and around trying to find a spot at the mall instead of parking and saving time walking. Weird.I wish I could live with a smaller car — but three kids, taking other kids to school, and a big dog dictate a larger vehicle. I\’d rather drive your sexy car than my gigantor Expedition.

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