Five Cars I Would Own (If money and garage space were no object)

In order:

[Plus a replica for road use.]

This list is not entirely immutable.  The first two undoubtedly are, but I could see replacing #3 with a 2005 Ford GT, #4 with its sedan counterpart, and #5 with any number of contemporaries.

If I were to extend the list beyond that I’d get into the collector clichés:  An early 1960’s Ferrari V-12, a right-hand drive Rolls Royce limo, a Jaguar E-type, and a modern BMW M5.  Then I’d move to the cars of my childhood, e.g. the dark blue 1965 Plymouth Fury III sedan that my parents owned until I was nine.


2 responses to “Five Cars I Would Own (If money and garage space were no object)

  1. Oh, Danny, you missed the most important one — the silver Astin Martin DB5 that James Bond drove in Goldfinger.

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