Dragged further into the 21st Century

Today I received a Dell portable music player as a gift.  My first post-cassette, post-CD portable music player.  Well, not counting my Smartphone.

I haven’t used an iPod before so I can’t compare, but this unit is pretty nice.  Small, 5 GB capacity, and supposedly a long battery life.  It works fine with Windows Media Player 10, which I’d wish I’d realized before I installed the accompanying trojanware and then wasted time getting my CD-ROM drive working again.  I also wish I could figure out how to get the earbuds to fit comfortably and stay in my ears.

The challenge is deciding the best way to use it.  My current lifestyle doesn’t provide me a lot of time to listen to music on my own except when I’m driving.  So I’ll probably end up getting something like this to let me use it as the audio source for my car stereo (which lacks an auxiliary input).  Too bad I can’t use it as the remote control for all of my music at home, enabling me to jettison my current sub par solution.



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