Interactive TV idea

A cool DVR feature idea that occurred to me while watching TV today:  When you see an advertisement for a show that looks interesting, you should be able to click a button on your remote control to tell the DVR to record that show.  TV networks spend so much time and money promoting their shows and yet there’s no way to capture the "impulse purchase" experience that should be natural to a DVR user.

Of course it would require the broadcasters to come up with a common standard for a secondary data stream and would require cooperation with the DVR manufacturers, so it’s not something I’d expect to see soon.  Too bad for them.


3 responses to “Interactive TV idea

  1. tivo does this for some shows. i am guessing that the network has to pay for the feature per ad because it only shows on some show promos.

  2. Yes, TiVo already has this feature – it\’s called iPreview or TiVoMatic (see It shows a popup on the screen when TiVo detects a special code embedded in the TV signal and then you can press thumbs up to record it. I haven\’t seen too often, maybe because I skip commercials…

  3. Thanks for the info. Too bad for me that ReplayTV doesn\’t support this.My friend Paul once put it aptly: TiVo is better at helping you find stuff to watch, but ReplayTV is better at watching the stuff you have.

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