Game on!

I’m tired of seeing Arnold in the office next to mine preening in his Jerome Bettis jersey.  With the Jets facing the Steelers in the playoffs this coming weekend, we decided to make it interesting.

If the Steelers win and cover the spread (8 1/2 points), he wins and I have to wear his jersey at work for a few days (January 24-26, to be precise).  If the Jets win, or lose but cover the spread, he has to wear my Jets jersey at work on those days.

Unfortunately I don’t own such a jersey, so it’s as if I’m betting the cost of a jersey (around $65) against the Jets.  I could place a bet for that amount on the Jets, and that would reverse the odds — I’d break even if the Jets cover the spread and lose $65 if they don’t.  Either way there’s no financial upside for me, but this isn’t about the money.


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