I show you an f, you see k

[Title courtesy of The Straight Dope Archive.]

My previous blog entry was originally rejected by MSN Spaces because:

This entry contains language that is prohibited. Please delete the prohibited language from the entry.

Unfortunately there was no indication of which language was prohibited or how to fix it.  Since I work with the folks who build and operate this site, I was able to go directly to them for help.  I won’t be explicit about the cause of the error, except to say that the original title was "How to increase your blog’s hit count" and changing to its current title fixed the problem.

Offensive language filters that work based on substring matches are laughably easy to defeat, as any Leet speaker knows.  Worse, they generate many false positives.  Don’t try to post a blog entry with a title referencing a recipe for shittake mushrooms or the parent company of Panasonic.  Perhaps in the future there will be a computationally efficient way to reliably detect a culturally-appropriate set of offensive words, but until that time it’s better not to bother trying.  Let users self-police the space.


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