Bad driver stereotypes

My contribution to a long line of screeds exemplified by The Highway 17 Page of Shame.

The worst drivers are all Volkswagen drivers:

Golf, Rabbit – The classic high school student’s first car.  Driven by an inexperienced driver with no fear of death.

Jetta – Really wants a BMW but can’t afford one.  Still drives it like a BMW.

GTI – Same as the Jetta, except replace BMW with Porsche.

Passat – Ex-Volvo driver who switched because modern Volvos aren’t boxy enough.

New Beetle, Cabrio – Special engine management software prevents the car from moving unless the driver is in an active cell phone call.

Microbus, Beetle – Still inhaling the marijuana fumes embedded in the interior (a factory option from 1964 to 1971).

Phaeton – Can’t tell; I don’t think anyone has bought one yet.


2 responses to “Bad driver stereotypes

  1. Passat – Volvo drivers frustrated with bad Swedish engineering might have moved to Passat as well.

  2. Agree with your list, but what\’s a Phaeton?

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