Lost Love Foods

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Talking tonight about the currently on-hiatus Boat Street Cafe made me nostalgic for the days when it was open and we still lived within walking distance for weekend brunch.  It reminded me of some of my favorite dishes that are no longer available, either because the restaurant no longer exists or because they took it off the menu.  A few that come to mind quickly:

  • The Nicoise Salad at the Boat Street Cafe.  Yes, their chicken sandwiches and berry cobbler were great too, but I’ve never had a salad stood up to this one.
  • The Korean-style ribs and double chocolate creme brulee at the late Ventana in Fremont.
  • The spicy baby back ribs at El Camino, also in Fremont.
  • The pan-fried chicken, pork chops, and chocolate pudding at the Beeliner Diner (now the Jitterbug).
  • and going back decades, the ginger chicken and sesame noodles at Hwa Yuan Szechuan Inn, 40 East Broadway, New York.

Moral of the story:  It’s OK to order the same thing every time because you never know when it will be your last.


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