Attempted Suicide, The Newest Capital Crime

Attempted suicide is against the law in many places, and there’s an old joke that the punishment is death.  Who knew it could actually happen?


One response to “Attempted Suicide, The Newest Capital Crime

  1. Just commenting of your entry mainly because a few days ago here in Los Angeles a guy try to kill himself and tried three times with all failures. On his third attempt he park his truck on one of the train tracks that people use to commute back and fourth in and out of L.A. on a daily bases. He chicken out at the last minute, ran left his car on the track and watch the train run right into it killing 11 people, causing millions is damage and destroying countless lives in the process. I\’m telling you this because attempting suicide is a or should a private and personal choice but when it in dangers the lives of others yeah it should a capital crime. This person tried to kill himself yet for the moment he\’s alive while his attempt cost the life of so many others……

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