Dollars for Bowling

Tonight I went bowling as part of a father-son event and bowled my best and third best games ever.  At 185 and 160, not much of an achievement in objective terms, but it still felt good.

The 160 was the first game, followed by just barely breaking 100 in the second.  After opening the third game with two open frames, I got a beer and after a couple of sips had just the right beer equilibrium.  I finished the last eight frames with only strikes and spares, leading to the 185.  The streak continued for two more frames in the fourth game, which ended in the 130’s even though I petered out at the end.

While the beer equilibrium was part of it, it had nothing to do with the first game.  More likely it was finding a 12 lb. ball with big enough finger holes.  Thanks in part to a middle finger knuckle that’s enlarged from an old softball injury, I usually have to use a 14 lb. ball for my fingers to fit.  That weight is too heavy for me to control and gives me a sore forearm by the second game.  But tonight I bowled four games and my arm feels fine.

After the third game I momentarily considered offering to buy the ball from the alley, but for once every year or two it’s not worth it.  Plus then I’d actually have to learn how to bowl properly, with the wrist flick and the spin thing.


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