Taming the CD jukebox

After whinging last night about the lack of USB support in consumer CD jukeboxes, I decided to do another online search to see what kind of options exist out there.  A couple of interesting ones stuck out:

Wintrack JukeBox – Apparently has a custom connection between the S-Link port on the jukebox and the printer port on the PC, and it’s relatively inexpensive.  The downside is that it’s not only supported on Windows XP.

StreetFire RBX 1600 – A dedicated hardware solution that again uses the S-Link port.  The big downside here is that it’s $750.

And both of these seem to require their own software applications to manage the music, i.e. no apparent Windows Media Player integration.  Just what I need — yet another piece of music management software with its own database.


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