Riffing on “Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters: Disliking Microsoft”

I’m afraid that Adam gets it wrong when he disagrees with Scoble and Israel in his piece entitled, "Disliking Microsoft".  Industry enmity towards Microsoft dates back to BillG’s famous "Open Letter to Hobbyists" back in 1976.

There are two things that happened in the early-to-mid 1990’s that increased the negative perception of Microsoft.  The first was the toppling of IBM — which up to that time had been the persistent bête noire of the computer industry — from its overwhelming position of leadership in the industry, creating an antipathy vacuum into which Microsoft fit nicely.  To this point, I am reminded of the tired joke about the airplane in the fog in which the punch line is now Microsoft.  When I was in college, the punch line was IBM.

The second was the uptick in political lobbying by some of Microsoft’s main competitors, namely Novell, AOL, and Sun.


One response to “Riffing on “Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters: Disliking Microsoft”

  1. Certainly Microsoft has managed to annoy certain people by its behavior over the years (such as BillG\’s letter from 1976, although there were not many people too annoy back then). And I\’m sure our competitors have never been too fond of us. But those are specific reactions to specific actions on Microsoft\’s part. The question is when did Microsoft become more generally disliked, so that the default reaction to anything it did was negative. I think that happened around 1994, as I wrote.- adam

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