“Live Strong™ wristbands are not edible”

Directly from the official web site.

But this is really about neologisms and the passage of time.  The more you learn from your kids, the older you are.

#1 picks up stuff at school, though usually — as with his comments about XBox — it’s not new to me.  However, on a recent trip, he started referring to those now ubiquitous rubber wristbands as "livestrongs."  It was not until he started using this term that I noticed what a fad they’ve become, for example at his school, where it’s common to see kids wearing three, four, or more knock-offs of the original yellow wristband.  Some are for other charitable causes, like tsunami relief, but most are pure capitalism in action.  Another fine trend in the lineage of Baby-on-board signs and AIDS awareness ribbons.

As it turns out, #1 has a tendency to absentmindedly nibble on his livestrong when wearing one, so the above disclaimer is surprisingly well placed.

P.S. Do not go to either babyonboard.com or awareness-ribbons.com if you’re curious about the trends cited above.


One response to ““Live Strong™ wristbands are not edible”

  1. Also, you can add "Support Our Troops" magnetic ribbon-like things to the list of fads in which the primary beneficiaries are the people who make the signs. It did not take long, in fact, for backlash stickers to appear. One example of many:http://www.cafepress.com/shop/bumper-stickers/browse/Ne-25_pv-storenamehere.22461946_N-1332+3641_bt-1I suppose that these magnetic ribbons are probably also not edible, but I haven\’t examined the packaging carefully …

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