Everyone’s your friend in New York City

A collection of thoughts from my trip to NYC with #1 and #2:

  • I’ve become a delicate hothouse flower. I can’t abide the concurrence of heat and humidity any more. Not that he natives do much better; those who can afford to surround themselves with air conditioning, and those who cannot suffer languidly. Plus it’s strange to be in a place where you actually need to carry an umbrella; I’m not sure if it’s because of the summer thunderstorms here or because you can (and must) get places on foot.
  • Dial-up Internet connectivity is painful, esp. when relegated to a staticky phone line that tends to very low speed connections that hang or drop (five times while I’ve been typing this). At one point the connection software reported a line speed of "-0(9.05" Kbps. I’ve spent some time trying to locate the cause (which happens with voice calls as well) to no avail.
  • Connecting with old friends from high school. Today, lunch with R and coffee with A. People my age in traditionally high-powered NY jobs seem to view this stage of their career as the "swing for the fences" period, the chance to really make it big before they hit fifty and their career trajectories level off or trend down. There doesn’t seem to be any gap being striving to get to the next milestone and wondering where all the time went. Kind of how I thought I’d be able to enjoy a few years between the end of pimples and the beginning of baldness.
  • Minor league baseball: New Jersey Cardinals versus the Brooklyn Cyclones at Coney Island. It seemed like a nice park, to the extent that I could tell through the rain. And while the tickets are cheaper than in the bigs, the food and trinkets are just as overpriced. I withheld my usual restraint for the opportunity to emblazon the word "Brooklyn" across my entire family’s wardrobe. And the coup de grace: Brooklyn license plate frames to go with my personalized license plate.
  • A kosher deli a ten-minute walk from my mother’s house that’s better than anything within 1500 miles of my own; which means the opportunity to smuggle pounds of chopped liver home as a love offering, if my arteries can withstand the corned beef assault.
  • Subway: MetroCards killed the token star. A week’s worth of unlimited use: $24. Catching up on one’s reading: Priceless.
  • Auto navigation systems are counterproductive in New York, since they’re not programmed to recommend the streets that the natives know to take. To the contrary, they tend to send you on the most clogged arterials because of their strictly theoretical maximum speed.
  • 53 hours and counting without having checked work email. The modern definition of vacation. A total vacation would be completely email and IM free.

2 responses to “Everyone’s your friend in New York City

  1. Danny, do you have any friends? It seems you just write on here because you have nothing better to do, and i have also seen that there are no comments on any entry. Possibly for the fact that no one reads your boring and pointless shit. Have a good day danny, and please get a life. Seriously how old are you?

  2. Maybe your static is free / pirated DSL. Try a filter. Bring me corned beef. And I didn\’t know that Ben was also tubgirl.

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