Your Grandfather’s NBA

A.k.a. my father’s NBA.
Reading the obituary of Sonny Hertzberg today, something struck me about the players’ names.  Digging further at the Knicks’ official web site shows their starting line-up for the first game in BAA (the NBA’s precursor) history:
  • Ossie Schectman
  • Stan Stutz
  • Jake Weber
  • Ralph Kaplowitz
  • Leo “Ace” Gottlieb

This makes me wonder if I should have spent more time in the gym instead of wasting my time at zero-period Math Team.

As it turns out, my father was a high school classmate of Max Zaslofsky, who led the BAA in points in its second season (1947-48).  He averaged 21 points per game, an impressive feat in the days before the jump shot and the 24-second clock.  Of course, his field goal percentage was only 32%, but that was good enough to tie for second best in the league.  Max was later the first coach of the New Jersey Americans (better known now as the New Jersey Nets).


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