Driving and walking around Northeast Seattle this morning I got first-hand glimpses of two of the GhostCycles, #20 and #31.  (Coincidentally both of these accidents involved Volvos.)  The Seattle Times reported on them on Tuesday.
They’re quite striking in person; the photos do not do them justice.
I appreciate what the project is about, though I do have a gripe about the fact that it puts the accountability almost entirely on the drivers of motor vehicles.  Motor vehicle drivers do plenty of bone-headed and selfish things that put cyclists in harm’s way, and the burden should be higher for them because of the damage-causing potential of their vehicles, but cyclists do their share of bone-headed and selfish things too.  And I say this as a driver who shares the road with cyclists on a daily basis (the road which my house is on is a popular cycling route) and as someone who used to commute by bicycle occassionally in New York City.

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