Current Cravings: Thai Food and a Music Store

Why Thai food?  Because I went years where I ate it at least every couple of weeks but with my current work and family schedule I’m lucky to have it every couple of months.  So it’s a nearly constant craving.
Why a music store?  It starts with watching and listening to the Rock Star posers enough to begin thirsting to listen to a real rock star.  For some reason Janis Joplin seems to be the one I need to hear, perhaps because she was sensible enough not to age gracefully and because she didn’t just sing her songs, she inhabited them.  As it turns out I own none of her music, and she did enough great stuff that buying one or two singles online won’t cut it.  I start browsing online at Amazon and the usual places, but there’s enough confusing information and contradictory reviews that I can’t make up my mind what to get. 
I know this dates me, but what I really want is to go to a real store that sells music on physical media which I can hold in my hand, and possibly even talk to a person who is paid money to give advice on such matters.  I may not end up with a better result but at least I’ll feel in control.  Now I just have to find one of these places, assuming that they still exist.

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