Not Just A Namesake

For a number of years I’ve been collecting Internet references to people with the same name as me.  I’ve corresponded with some of them via email though have yet to meet any in person.  In spite of the shared name I’ve always assumed that I was related to none of them.   (More on this below.)
I learned a few months ago — when talking with one of my wife’s cousins — that one of them is related to me by two degrees of marriage.  My wife’s second cousin’s second cousin.  Or my mother-in-law’s first cousin’s wife’s first cousin once removed.  You get the idea.
My brother, who’s a professional linguist and an amateur geneaologist, has told me that we are not related to the vast majority of people with our family name.  Like Baker, the derivation of this name probably comes from one’s occupation, so the name is more likely due to the fact that one of my paternal ancestors was a glazier than to a genetic connection.

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