Winter for Poland and France, a.k.a. I’m hysterical and I’m wet!

I’ve never been interested in collecting film memorabilia, but if I were, I’d want this.  It’s a prop poster from the original film version of The Producers, back before it was indelibly associated with Nathan Lane and Mattthew Broderick.
Alas, when I inquired with an authoritative source about its availability, either original or in reproduction, I was told the following:
Only three of these exist.  One was sold at Skinner’s auction house in Boston for about $8000 5 years ago.  The other two are in private hands and not for sale.  I am not aware that it has been reproduced.
So I won’t be getting my hands on one any time soon.
By the way, if you’re not familiar with the film or show and you find this poster offensive, here’s a clue:  It’s a joke.  Of mammoth proportion.  And speed thee to video rental store; the film is dated in parts but it’s brilliant in others.
[Updated 11-Aug, 16:00 PDT: Updated links in the first paragraph.]

3 responses to “Winter for Poland and France, a.k.a. I’m hysterical and I’m wet!

  1. I WANT that poster.I REALLY want that poster…Where did you even FIND that poster?

  2. I found the image on IMDB. See the updated "prop poster" link in the first paragraph.

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