Grumpy about waiting on line for lunch

[That’s right, "waiting on line", the proper New York dialect, as befits this story.  Though #1 teases me when I employ this usage, asking me why I’m waiting on the Internet.]
At work we have a system where you can store cash value on your employee identification card, either via paying cash at the cafeteria or automatic payroll deduction.  Some people choose not to take advantage of this convenience, and I can appreciate this decision even if I don’t entirely understand it.
What does bug me is that folks who are paying with cash invariably stand there watching the cashier tally their purchase, and only when they are told the total do they pull out their wallet and start counting out the money, thereby holding up everybody behind them.  I don’t get this — do they secretly hope that they’won’t have to pay if they don’t have their wallet out, or conversely that they’ll be charged more if they do?  Are they unable to watch the cashier and ready their wallet at the same time?  Do they honestly have no clue approximately what their lunch is going to cost when prices are posted with every item?  We need to send these people to New York for training.
It’s at times like this that I wish humans were equipped with horns so that we could honk at the idiots ahead of us who are not paying attention.

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