Today’s Rock Star predictions

I was right about Jordis last week, not that it was hard to predict given how much it was telegraphed and how wooden a stage performer she was in spite of her great voice.  This week’s harder but I’ll give it a shot.
My list of who’s going to be eliminated tonight, in decreasing order of likelihood (this is not a prediction of the voting order):
  1. Marty
  2. MiG
  3. J.D.
  4. Suzie

Observations from Obviousville:

  • If I were INXS right now and I hadn’t already idenfitied a clear first choice, the simplest strategy for tonight would be to pick the top two, since regardless of the voting that makes it easy to pick someone to eliminate.
  • Who should their top two be?  If their primary goal is to bask in the reflected glory of their back catalog and have a lucrative tour, MiG or Suzie.  If their primary goal is to create and sell new music, J.D. or Marty, with J.D. being clearly superior (even though he’s the weakest singer of the bunch).



One response to “Today’s Rock Star predictions

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