Eighty Quarters Rising

I’ve never been much of a video game player, having neither the skill nor the time to dedicate to them.  I have yet to purchase a game console, despite the requests of #1 and the fact that my employer sells one.
The peak of my video game playing was during my freshman year of college, and the primary focus of those energies was Phoenix, mainly because it was in the basement of my residential college.  I spent my fair share of time and money on that machine.
More recently I thought of reclaiming this bit of my youth by trying to purchase this game.  I’ve watched the auctions on eBay and occasionally one appears, but it is almost always in a distant part of the country with significant shipping costs and no warranty.  Plus I’d have to find a place in my house for it.  I’ve also searched for a decent software version of the game without luck.
Earlier this year I learned that I could buy a home version of Space Invaders which is designed for easy connection to a TV and includes four other games, including Phoenix.  Last Friday I happened across it at my local Toys"R"Us for $20 (+ tax), which at the equivalent of 80 games (probably 40 games in today’s arcades) seemed like a deal.
I played it a few times the first night, and while it doesn’t play exactly like the original (e.g. missing rapid fire in the second wave and the ability to pick off the eggs on the side in the third wave), it’s certainly close enough to get the experience.  And when not in use it fits neatly in a drawer.

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