My Next, um, Car?

When I was in India in March I admired the autorickshaws, to the point that when I returned home I observed to some co-workers that if I could import one to the U.S. and make it street legal, I would.  One of them called my bluff by informing me that someone already does.  And that there’s a local dealer.
It doesn’t appear that they import the diesel version, which is too bad, because a biodiesel version of this would be even cooler.  I would love to drive my kids to school in one of these and spew a load of french fry-scented exhaust into the cockpits of my neighbors’ SUVs and vans at the drop-off.

One response to “My Next, um, Car?

  1. I saw one on the street in NY the other day.  It was human powered.  That would be good for your current good health kick.

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