Adios, Zayra [take 2]

Zayra finally left this week.  My prediction last week turned out to be wrong, as she somehow managed to avoid the bottom three.  At first I thought that VoteForTheWorst might be behind that, as she’s their dream candidate, but they’re ignoring Rock Star this season.
I had lunch with Nikki last Thursday and we agreed that the reason Supernova kicked off both Josh and Jill last week is that they found both of them far too annoying to take with them on the plane to Las Vegas.
Once Patrice goes (my prediction: she’s next), we’ll finally be down to the people who have a plausible shot at winning this thing.  Dilana and Lukas are the favorites, Magni and Storm have decent shots, and Ryan and Toby are the long shots.
In the meantime, I’ve started a list of songs that final threers should perform on elimination night.

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