The Diplomat?

I know that these Deborah Solomon mini-interviews are edited to be devoid of context and that the title may be intended as a wry joke, but if he really said these things, John Bolton doesn’t help his case (Questions for John Bolton, 4-Nov).  To wit:

"I think it’s almost beyond dispute that we were right to overthrow Saddam and the threat his regime posed."

"But even if there is global warming, the notion that you are going to reduce carbon emissions enough to have an impact on it is just — serious people don’t believe that’s true."

Almost without regard to whether you agree with these statements or not, phrases like "it’s almost beyond dispute" and "serious people don’t believe that’s true" suggest a callous disregard for those who disagree with you.  Indeed, it suggests a person who’s incapable of practicing… um, I know there’s a word for it… wait for it… here it comes… diplomacy.


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