Simpler Is Better. Except When It’s Not.

This past summer, the conference rooms in the building where I work were remodeled extensively.  Among the improvements is the installation of a network clock, flush-mounted high up on a wall of each room.  Having a clock in a conference room makes it easier for the participants to track the time of the meeting and stay on schedule.  Having a network clock means that it never has to be set manually because it is automatically synchronized to an official time source.

Except that it’s now ten days since the conversion from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time and half of the clocks are still on PDT instead of PST.  Not all of them, curiously; some of the clocks have successfully fallen back and some haven’t, with no apparent pattern amongst the different rooms.  In at least one case, two conference rooms side-by-side are on different sides of the DST divide.

What’s funny is that several folks have walked up to the errant clocks and tried to find the button that lets them set the time.  Only there isn’t one, so they end up pushing the mounting screws to see if that will do anything.


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