A Better Historical Comparison?

Finding the repeated Obama-JFK comparisons tiresome, I started thinking about other interesting historical comparisons.  There’s the McCain-Obama comparison to the fictional Vinick-Santos election, but comparing a real election to a Hollywood-imagined one is especially silly.

How about comparing John McCain to Bob Dole in 1996?  Consider these facts about Dole:

  • He is a war hero who suffered serious, permanent injuries during his military service.
  • He lost the nomination to George Bush (41) eight years before winning it.
  • He was a long-time Republican senator known for reaching across the aisle to pass legislation.
  • He was in his 70’s when he won the nomination.
  • He had to fend off serious challenges from the right to win the nomination, and his electoral loss was blamed in part by failure to inspire sufficient turnout among Christian conservative voters.
  • He divorced his first wife and not long after married a significantly younger and more glamorous woman.

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