Resolving the Democratic Nomination Through the Free Market

If you don’t strongly prefer that either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton wins this year’s presidential election rather than John McCain, you can stop reading now.
I have a simple — dare I say, modest — proposal for how to "help" the Clinton and Obama campaigns resolve their little struggle over who deserves the presidential nomination, in the likely event that neither gets enough committed delegates to clinch the nomination prior to the Democratic convention.
What we need is to have every person who would rather have either Clinton or Obama win than McCain agree to not make any campaign contributions directly to either Clinton’s or Obama’s campaigns.  These people should instead donate their money to the "Eventual Democratic Nominee Trust Fund," where it will be held in escrow until a nominee is chosen.  If we want to get a little fancier, we can have the funds in escrow expire at some predetermined date (to be returned to the donors), or be reduced gradually over time, or let contributors decide on an individual basis whether and how to let their donations reduce or expire.
If this were really to happen and succeeded in drawing away significant sums from the two candidates, it would demonstrate to their campaigns how important it is to their supporters to resolve the nomination promptly.
One more thing: I would also raise contributions for the fund by fining people $5 each time they use the word "Democrat" as an adjective when they should be using "Democratic."

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