A Gust of Fresh Air From Nu Yawk Hits Lake NPR

The voices one hears on NPR tend to be afflicted with a somnolent* sameness, so it was refreshing this morning to be driving to work and hear an interview with retail consultant Howard Davidowitz.  This guy could make spoken-word CDs for homesick New York expatriates or actors trying to master an authentic Nu Yawk accent.

It’s not just the stereotypical pronunciations, but the now-you-hear-them-now-you-don’t phonemes, the volume, the in-your-face emphasis, and the brusque politeness.  Right to the end, when he closes with, "And thanks so much for inviting me."  Classic.

* – This is the second time I’ve used the word "somnolent" in writing in the past two days and probably the second time ever.  The first time was in an email describing Jason Castro.


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