What I Want In My Next Mobile Phone

I’ve had my current mobile phone (a Samsung Blackjack) for nearly three years, and while it has served me reasonably well, I’m overdue for an upgrade.

Here are some of the things I want in my next phone that would improve upon my current experience:

  1. Not taking two or more minutes from the time I turn the phone on until it’s actually useful.
  2. Not freezing on startup (occasionally more than once per day), requiring me to remove the battery and restart.
  3. Not being unable to connect to the network after startup (also occasionally more than once per day and usually associated with a stuck ATU_NITZ and/or clocknot process), requiring me to turn the phone off and turn it on again.
  4. A battery that lasts long enough that I’m not always carrying around a spare battery.
  5. The ability to be charged via its USB connection even if the battery is completely drained.
  6. A Bluetooth stack that is compatible with Microsoft Voice Command.
  7. A web browser whose default home page is accessible.
  8. A web browser that can view rich web pages reasonably well.
  9. A higher quality camera.
  10. Built-in GPS.

One response to “What I Want In My Next Mobile Phone

  1. Why not just buy an iPhone and get it over with?

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