More reasons to love Costco

[As if I needed them.]

  1. I ordered something from  Between when I ordered it and when it shipped, they dropped the price by $30.  I called their customer service line and they agreed to refund the difference, no questions asked.  OK, two questions:  They asked me the order number and they asked me to confirm the price difference.
  2. I purchased a three-pack of HP inkjet cartridges a while ago. I used up the first cartridge and installed the second cartridge and discovered shortly thereafter that the second cartridge was defective.  I went back to the warehouse with the packaging (including the third, unused cartridge) and the defective second cartridge but no receipt.  They said that because I’d used “less than half”, they would give me a full refund. Again, no questions asked.

One response to “More reasons to love Costco

  1. Old post, I know, but I have to chime in here… I returned an LP Gas Grill I received as a wedding present 5 years after it\’s purchase date. No box, no receipt, and the thing was in 5-6 pieces on a pushcart (had to do it to fit it in the back of the car). I pushed it up to customer service and walked out with the full original value, in cash, about 20 minutes later. No haggling, no pushiness, just a friendly Costco employee letting me know that I was also entitled to a full set of replacement parts in case I\’d prefer to fix the grill rather than return it. Turns out they \’don\’t make them like they used to.\’ Gotta love Costco…

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