True Nostalgia and False Nostalgia

Both of which are brought up by It’s Football in January, but Minus the Weather.
I have nostalgia for the days when the New York Times had editorial standards that wouldn’t let the word “Sigh” pass as a first-person expression of disgust, let alone as an entire paragraph.  It’s one of the evils of email communication that should never have been validated by the Gray Lady.
Unlike the author of this article, however, I have little nostalgia for the cold weather playoff games of yore.  What I remember is:

Northern Team + Weak Division =>
Artificially Good Regular Season Record =>
Home Field Advantage in the Playoffs =>
Northern Team hosting Southern Team for the Conference Championship in Bitter Cold =>
Overrated Northern Team going to a Warm Weather Super Bowl =>
Top Four Teams in the Other Conference Competing for the Right To Beat Northern Team in the Super Bowl

As evidence, consider the Minnesota Vikings (0-4, defeated by four different AFL/AFC teams from 1969-1976) and the Buffalo Bills (0-4, defeated by three different NFC teams from 1990-1993).


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