I am not Danny Glover

Because of the similarity of our names, I have periodically had people refer to me by name as “Danny Glover.”  For a time it was more common at work because of a historical artifact regarding my work email address.  One person in particular seemed to take particular pleasure in this.

In fact, it has sometimes been hard to prove to people that I am not Danny Glover.  Perhaps they believe I bear a striking physical resemblance.  If only, I thought, I could be in the same place at the same time as him, I would have definitive evidence.  Now, it happens that around thirty years ago he stood not ten feet from me, when I saw him perform Blood Knot in New York City, but at the time he was not famous and it did not occur to me to document the event.

Fortunately, fate provided me a new opportunity tonight.  I was out to dinner at Nishino and my dinner companion observed that Danny Glover or someone strongly resembling him had entered the restaurant.  We later confirmed via observing some fawning encounters that it was in fact the Danny Glover.  While I did not disrupt his privacy by asking him to pose for a photo with me, I do at least have a witness who can confirm the event.


One response to “I am not Danny Glover

  1. for my money, you would have been awesome in the Lethal Weapon movies paired with Mel Brooks.

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