Launching DannyGl 3.0

Twenty-seven years ago last month, I came to Seattle for the first time for my job interview at Microsoft. If my childhood and college years were the “1.0” of my life, then my Microsoft career has been “2.0.” I am now about to leave Microsoft and begin “DannyGl 3.0.” I’ll be around for a few more weeks to help with the current organizational transition; my official last day will be January 24th.

What most drew me to Microsoft all those years ago were the people; the people I knew already who worked there and the people I met when I interviewed. They were universally gifted, accomplished, and passionate about doing the right thing. While I have received enormous gratification from solving hard problems and delivering software products that hundreds of millions of people around the world use every day, learning from and being inspired by such an exceptional group of people on a daily basis has been my favorite part of working at Microsoft. My strongest sense of accomplishment at Microsoft comes not from any code or docs that I’ve written but from the people I’ve helped hire, develop, and mentor during my time here.

While thanking people individually would take too long, I will make one exception for Michele Weinberger Glasser, my wife and partner for most of these years. She has been my greatest source of support and is directly or indirectly responsible for the happiest moments of my life. I daresay that our combined 47 years of Microsoft FTE tenure is probably a record for a couple, though now that it is coming to an end I look forward to seeing this record broken.

You may be thinking, “What is DannyGl 3.0?” In keeping with a Microsoft-inspired release model, I am commencing a personal MQ and concurrently embarking on the 3.0 planning process. Further information about DannyGl 3.0 will require execution of a verbal non-disclosure agreement; this can typically be procured over lunch, a beer, or on a ski lift.

I invite you to “sign my yearbook” by sending email to danny+yearbook <at>, especially if you have a personal story about my contributions to Microsoft. I’ll be sharing this with my kids, so please keep it PG-13.

Thank you for the opportunity to work together. I look forward to our paths crossing again.


5 responses to “Launching DannyGl 3.0

  1. LAM is great!

  2. Kathy O'Driscoll

    Congratulations Danny! My favorite memories of your Microsoft career are the times we carpooled home to Wallingford in your BMW convertible with the New YAWK license plate! Those were fun conversations…sorry about all of the work talk – You were very patient with us (Michele and me). I also look back with fond amusement on the best years of “The Microsnews”…..I’m sure I’ll never know how much influence you had over MS humor over the years. Those editions were funny….I suspect you may be the instigator of many unclaimed pranks…..sorry, but your kids should know this about you……I am so excited to see what you do with DannyGL 3.0…..of course, you will never be CODE COMPLETE! —KathyO

  3. I didn’t get to work with you for very long but it was fun getting to know you while working on IE10. Best of luck on your next adventure. It will for sure be great! I hope to see you in the mountains!


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  5. Good luck on your launch.

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