Awarding a “C’mon Man!” to the Seattle Seahawks official web site

Russell Wilson holding the George Halas (not Hallas) Trophy, January 2014

Walter Payton (not Peyton)

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I try hard to be tolerant of errors in web content, but occasionally there are mistakes so egregious that I feel compelled to speak up. A recent example is the article The Spirit of 12 has grown beyond expectations, published Monday on the official web site of the Seattle Seahawks. Consider the following excerpt (text bolded by me for emphasis):

The NFL’s concern with retiring numbers wasn’t directed at the Seahawks, who were just completing their ninth season after entering the league in 1976 as an expansion team. But the Chicago Bears, who have been in existence since 1919 and a member of the NFL since 1920, have retired a league-high 14 numbers. Not No. 14, but 14 jersey numbers – 3 (Bronko Nagurski); 5 (George McAfee); 7 (George Hallas); 28 (Willie Galimore); 34 (Walter Peyton); 40 (Gale Sayers); 41 (Brian Piccolo); 42 (Sid Luckman); 51 (Dick Butkus); 56 (Bill Hewitt); 61 (Bill George); 66 (Clyde “Bulldog” Turner); 77 (Harold “Red” Grange); and 89 (Mike Ditka).

It’s one thing to misspell names in a web article. It’s another thing to misspell names in a web article published on the official site of an NFL team. It’s yet another thing when those misspelled names belong to two of the most famous figures in NFL history. It’s still another, other thing when those two people have prominent NFL awards named after them (George Halas Trophy, Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award). And it’s a simply staggering thing when the team on whose official site the article is posted is the most recent winner of one of those awards.

C’mon, man!


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