Car Ads, 2015

When you watch a lot of football on TV, you see a lot of car advertisements. Most are instantly forgettable but a few stand out.

General Motors seems to think that we’re still living in the 1960’s. Perhaps it’s a temporary contact high from cheap gasoline. Exhibit One: In Theme Song, Chevrolet tells us that it’s cool to replace your small, fuel-efficient car with a midsize pickup, even if you’re a young, single guy.

In Evolution of Luxury, Cadillac reinforces the stereotype that the Escalade is for the aspiring Marie Antoinette (a.k.a. major d-bag) crowd. This is totally unsurprising to anyone who has driven or especially parked near one of these behemoths.

At least the Escalade makes a plausible claim to being a car for the privileged few. I take pity on the poor junior associates who drew the short straw to create Nissan’s ironically-named Feel Like Royalty ad, which attempts to convince us that one of the blandest-looking family sedans out there is literally turning heads. Or maybe we’re supposed to imagine that the Nissan is the photo chase car for a new Lamborghini.

[Updated 25-Jun-2015: Replaced broken YouTube link.]


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