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We’ll Meet Again

We’ll meet again,
Don’t know where,
Don’t know when,
But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.

Actually, I do know where.  This will be my last post here for the time being, and if my MSN Space holds up, forever.  In the meantime, I’ll leave this blog up as an archive of 2004 until I can migrate these entries to the new location (which will require some enhancements there).

New blog:
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MSN Spaces is live!

Now I have to decide if I’m going to keep my blog hosted here or migrate it to its new location.

There are at least a couple of features that I’ve been missing in LiveJournal — trackbacks and categories — that I am looking forward to having. We’ll see if there’s anything I’ll be missing from here.

Canine Projectiles

Talk to most dog owners and you’ll find that they view their dogs as members of their families. When they don’t have (human) children, they tend to vest in their dogs some of what other people vest in their children. You wouldn’t think that anyone would knowingly put a beloved family member’s safety at risk.

That’s why I find it sad that virtually everybody continues to let their dogs go unrestrained in their vehicles, often with windows open so that the dogs can experience the great outdoors. Even people who would never think of not wearing a seat belt or letting a child ride without proper restraints do this. I wonder if this is simple ignorance or casual, reckless disregard. I haven’t asked any dog owners about this recently but I suspect their reasons would have something to do with a dog’s biological imperative to move around and get fresh air. (Perhaps people think that in the wild, wolves ride motorcycles without helmets.)  Virtually any explanation of this sort would echo what people used to say about restraining children in what now seems like the distant past.  I for one remember getting to ride in the tailgate area of station wagons.

A valid but outdated excuse would be the lack of suitable solutions.  A simple search query on the subject yields plenty of results.  Canine Auto is one of the first and best sites on the topic.

My belief is that it’s a matter of education and acculturation.  I’d like to think that in another decade or so, letting a dog go unrestrained in a vehicle will be as socially acceptable as it has become for a child.

The New Library

Click to view a slideshow of the Central Library
Yesterday I finally got to see the new library from the inside. In a word, impressive. You can tell when someone sweats the details on a project: Striking yet useful design, lots of natural light while shielding its contents, accessible spaces without making the place too comfortable as a residence. Oh yes, and there are books there too.

If you’re in downtown Seattle I’d put it high on the list of places to see. It’s kid-friendly, too, should that be a concern.

Somewhat incongruous in the face of this splendor is the fact that the library is struggling to fund its bookmobile.

Happy Birthday, Harpo!

Photo courtesy of The Harpo Marx Site (

Wherever there is the spirit of a little boy, you live on.

Boy, You’re Gonna Carry That Weight

It’s the time of year when The New York Times, the magazine section in particular, starts to resemble Vogue or Bon Appétit.  Fifteen pages of articles highlighting the plights of the unfortunate, surrounded by hundreds of pages of ads for luxury goods.  My favorite Sunday paper of the year is the one right after Christmas, when the ads are gone and the paper shrinks to half its normal size.

Why doesn’t the New York Times syndicate its Obituaries section?  Too macabre?  29 RSS feeds at last count, you think they would have one for this.  It’s one of the most consistently entertaining and readable parts of the paper, in part because most of the articles are written well in advance.  I supposed its a sign of my age that it’s one of the first parts of the paper I read, as opposed to when I was younger and went first to the Sports section.

In the New York area you can get Saturday delivery of the non-news sections of the Sunday paper (magazine, book review, etc.) along with the regular Saturday paper.  It makes it easier to balance the reading over the weekend, since the Saturday paper is about half an hour’s worth of reading and the Sunday paper takes most of the week.  Every year or two I call the subscription center to ask when this service will be available locally and they always tell me they have no plans to provide it.

Man, I’m starting to sound like Andy Rooney.

Happy Birthday, Anna and Leah!

Every day with you is a gift.