Hitting the Danny Trifecta

When I wrote How I Play “Real” Fantasy Football last year, I mentioned my core criterion for determining whether I consider a particular weekend of NFL football a success:

It started years ago with a simple rule of thumb that I employed for a long time: A successful NFL weekend for me was one in which the Seahawks, Jets, and Giants all won. The Seahawks because I’ve lived in the Seattle area for most of my adult life and have actively rooted for them for most of that time, the Jets because of my historical and long-suffering allegiance to them, and the Giants because of my legacy loyalty to all things New York.

This confluence of victories, which a friend of mine has labeled the “Danny Trifecta”, has been rare in recent years due to the consistently poor play of the Jets and Giants, both of whom sported identical 18-49 won-loss records from the beginning of the 2017 season through week 3 of the 2021 season. So it was an unexpected pleasure yesterday when the Jets and Giants — both seven-point underdogs — came back from deficits in the fourth quarter and ultimately won in overtime, capped by the Seahawks breaking a two-game losing streak to defeat a tough divisional opponent on the road.

This led me to wonder the last time I enjoyed such a trifecta. For that, I have to go all the back to Week 14 of the 2018 season, when both the Jets and Giants defeated divisional opponents on Sunday, December 9th and the Seahawks defeated Minnesota the following night. After two years, nine months, and 24 days, it’s worthy of celebration.

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